Northland Corridor - Community Outreach

Nine (9) public meetings were held at the Delavan Grider Community Center:  October 14, 2015; February 24, 2016; January 30, 2017; July 20, 2017; May 21, 2018; November 15, 2018 (Open House); April 9, 2019, May 28, 2019, and March 5, 2020.  Additional public meetings will be held in the future.  The first meeting took a charrette-style format to optimize the public’s opportunity to be heard. More than 150 attendees packed the Delavan Grider Community Center's gymnasium for an introductory presentation on the Northland Corridor Project's background and its centerpiece: The Western New York Workforce Training Center. The public participated at roundtables hosted by a moderator from the project team.  The moderator facilitated a series of questions regarding their neighborhood's condition and needs. Comments were recorded and later organized into a distributed document among the project team for review and comments.  Additional public meetings, meetings for the Beltline BOA were all held at the Northland Central Conference room at 683 Northland Avenue.

In our initial public meetings, residents participated in the visioning process and strengths and assets and formulating an implementation strategy.  Several hundred residents attended these meetings.  The sessions were designed for participants to sit down in small groups with the project team members and discuss a range of Northland Campus strategies.  Marketing for the panels included media advertising (local radio and neighborhood newspapers), social media, postcards, and posters delivered to residents and various neighborhood organizations.  During these meetings, we used an interactive SWOT analysis to gather new insights from the BOA boundary and augment the information we already obtained in previous sessions.

Copies of the presentations can be found at: