Northland Beltline Corridor BOA (Brownfield Opportunity Area)


The Northland Beltline BOA will be Buffalo’s fifth designated BOA, and the only one located on the city’s east side. The Boundary is located within the Delavan Grider, Martin Luther King Park, and Genesee-Moselle neighborhoods within the Masten, Love Joy, and Fillmore Council Districts.Within its proposed boundaries are several strategic locations that provide opportunities for much-needed community and economic development. The project goals are to create opportunities for new and existing businesses to relocate, launch and grow within the BOA boundary. The review of the draft Nomination Document and recommendations for updating and refinement should be done with respect to the required elements of the Document for consideration of designation by NYDOS.

Where are we now?

BUDC has received grant funding to implement a BOA plan for the Northland Beltline Corridor from the New York State Department of State. BUDC is currently working with the State to issue a Request for Proposals.