About BUDC

Buffalo Urban Development Corporation (BUDC) is the City of Buffalo's not-for-profit development agency, reclaiming distressed land and buildings for future development.

BUDC seeks to create an environment conducive to private investment, provide oversight and visioning for projects of regional significance, serve as a liaison among various public and private stakeholders, serve as a conduit for public funding of significant projects and serve as a real estate holding company for certain public-sector projects.


Mission Statement

The mission of Buffalo Urban Development Corporation (BUDC) is to support the urban economic development efforts of the region through acquisition, remediation and management of distressed properties, and to engage in related real estate development activities for the purpose of attracting and/or retaining new and existing businesses to the City as part of the region. The mission of BUDC also includes supporting the revitalization of downtown Buffalo by serving as the lead management entity for Buffalo Building Reuse Project (BBRP) and Race for Place initiatives, working in collaboration with the City of Buffalo; including the coordination of financial assistance for downtown adaptive re-use projects and public right-of-way improvements.  BUDC also serves as the lead management entity for the Ralph C. Wilson, Jr. Centennial Park transformation.


BUDC Officers

  • Hon. Byron W. Brown, Mayor- City of Buffalo


  • Dennis Penman

    Vice Chairman

  • Brandye Merriweather


  • Rebecca Gandour

    Vice President

  • Mollie Profic

    Treasurer & CFO

  • Kevin J. Zanner, Esq.