Other City of Buffalo Brownfield Opportunity Areas (BOA)

Buffalo Harbor

Comprised of 1,039 acres of land, the Buffalo Harbor BOA is the largest of the three BOAs. Edging Lake Erie, the Buffalo Harbor BOA runs from Erie Basin Village and the downtown core in the north to just south of the Holcim cement site in the south at the Lackawanna/Buffalo boundary. Linear in shape, the southern portion is bound by Highway 5 to the east and Lake Erie to the west, while the northern portion of the study area is more irregular in shape and follows Michigan Avenue and along West Seneca Street through the downtown and extends as far north as Carolina Street.



Buffalo River Corridor

The 1,000 acre Buffalo River BOA is located southeast of downtown Buffalo and is comprised of the Buffalo River and the land adjacent to its north and west shores. The area contains approximately 40 known brownfield properties and includes heavy industrial areas and the mixed use residential neighborhoods that surround them. The western boundary of the BOA, approaching Lake Erie, was heavily industrialized and includes the City Ship Canal and Kelly Island. The eastern boundary coincides with the terminus of the navigable portion of the Buffalo River and was less industrialized. The southern boundary primarily follows the southern shore of the Buffalo River and abuts the boundary of the South Buffalo BOA. The northern boundary is aligned with, from west to east, a rail corridor, South Park Avenue, Smith Street, I-190 and Seneca Street.



Tonawanda Street Corridor

The Tonawanda Street Corridor BOA is comprised of 514 acres of primarily under-utilized industrial brownfields in Northwest Buffalo stretching from Scajaquada Creek to just south of the Tonawanda municipal boundary, and along Chandler Street. The site is strategically located with access to major highways, a bi-national railway, Black Rock Channel, the Niagara River, Scajaquada Creek, and the Jesse Kregal trail system which provides a creek side east-west connection between the River and Delaware Park.