Arthur Hall, Jr.

Senior Project Manager 

Buffalo Urban Development Corp, (BUDC)

(716) 362-8384

Mr. Art Hall is the Northland Project Manager for the Buffalo Urban Development Corporation (BUDC).  He oversees the Northland Beltline Campus by implementing next generation of real estate, community and economic development strategies. 

Over the past 18 years Mr. Hall has been involved in array of planning experience including Civic engagement, community planning, Growth Management & Land-Use development, Zoning, Brownfield re-development, implementing Environmental Design concepts to new development, and Real Estate and Economic Development.

A native of Buffalo, Mr. Hall was born and raised on the east side of Buffalo, NY.  He received his Master's degree in Urban and Regional Planning, and his Bachelor's Degree in Environmental Design, both from the University at Buffalo School of Architecture and Planning. 

Mr. Hall began his career with the Buffalo Weed & Seed where he organized and develop communities through urban management, community engagement, and other grassroots initiatives.  Mr. Hall held the position of Executive Director for the Buffalo Public Housing Resident Council Corporation (Martha Mitchell Center). During his leadership the agency secured grants, resources and other contributions to serve the public housing sites.  He also established partnerships with public and private institutions and for community building. 

In 2005 Mr. Hall relocated to Orlando, FL where he worked as a Senior Planner for the Orange County Government.  He served as a Comprehensive Planner, managing large-scale and small-scale land development projects including subdivision, and big box development, and other mixed-use, commercial and institutional development.  Mr. Hall transitioned to the Neighborhood Services Division of Orange County where he was responsible for the Safe Neighborhood Program.  Managing $2.1 million program overseeing neighborhood development projects in 8 targeted neighborhoods.  A large part of his responsibilities included managing, training and empowering community groups and civic leaders to plan, organize and revitalize their communities.

In December 2015, Mr. Hall and his family relocated back to Buffalo, NY.  Mr. Hall worked as a Community Planner for the City of Buffalo Urban Renewal Agency (BURA), where he was responsible for overseeing the community engagement and neighborhood development efforts for neighborhoods on the east side of Buffalo. 

 Mr. Hall is also the Founder and Pastor/Teacher of the Journey Church located in the Fruit Belt Neighborhood.  He and his lovely wife Rashika have been married for 14 years. Together, they have one son, Hezekiah Hall.